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Four Thousand Holes

“…music that just happens, even while it sounds carefully thought and wrought. I’m not sure if anybody can summon this sense quite as well as John Luther Adams does. And it seems that he just keeps getting better at it. ” – Kevin Macneil Brown, Dusted

” Slowly moving, with real instruments bouncing off and on with the electronics, merging fully together into a unified wholeness. Two excellent pieces of wonderful music. “– Vital Weekly

“… a valuable addition to his discography and should interest his fans open to exploring some less familiar sides of his creative personality. ” – Stephen Eddins, All Music Guide

“… a Zen state of change in stability … a delicate canvas of bells and vibraphones arranged in embedded cycles. Intelligent, sensitive, simple, appealing. Bravo. “– Monsieur Delire

“Make no mistake, John Luther Adams is a major figure and this disc – small but perfectly formed – is a notable addition to his discography. ” – Richard Whitehouse, International Record Review

“… a representative portrait of Adams’s highly personalized compositional style… his music carves out a unique space that of its own natural accord transcends such simple pigeonholing. ” – Textura

“… feels…like falling asleep under a pine tree during a rainstorm.” – Gapplegate Classical-Modern Review

Adams's swelling orchestral work may be the loveliest apocalypse in musical history. - Alex Ross, New Yorker
john luther adams
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