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John Luther Adams
(In memory of Gordon Wright.)
I believe in the mystery of being,
in the wholeness of life,
and the spirit in all things.
I believe in the tundra,
in the forests, in the rivers,
and the nameless mountains stretching to the sea.
I believe in the music
of the rising wind, the rushing water,
and the bell-tones of the hermit thrush ringing in the twilight.
I believe we are relatives
of the moose, and the swans,
of the birch, the cranberry, and the wild rose.
I believe that our destiny
is to know our place, to live in peace,
and to listen to the earth.
John Luther Adams inspires us not only to listen more attentively, but to be more aware of the world in which we live. This … book … should not only be on the shelves of everyone interested in the music of our time but also anyone interested in being alive. -
Frank J. Oteri
john luther adams
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