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John Luther Adams
(In memory of Gordon Wright.)
I believe in the mystery of being,
in the wholeness of life,
and the spirit in all things.
I believe in the tundra,
in the forests, in the rivers,
and the nameless mountains stretching to the sea.
I believe in the music
of the rising wind, the rushing water,
and the bell-tones of the hermit thrush ringing in the twilight.
I believe we are relatives
of the moose, and the swans,
of the birch, the cranberry, and the wild rose.
I believe that our destiny
is to know our place, to live in peace,
and to listen to the earth.
His music perfectly echoes the landscape he loves: impersonal, relentless, larger than human scale, yet gorgeous, a quiet chaos of colors, suffused with light. It’s not a climate everyone could live in. But for those who want to bathe their ears in an aural aurora borealis while staying warm inside, it’s a spiritual odyssey well worth taking. - Kyle Gann
john luther adams
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