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John Luther Adams
Winter Music
A composer’s journal (1998-1999).
For the past twenty-five years composer John Luther Adams has made his home in the boreal forest near Fairbanks, Alaska. From there he has created a unique musical world, grounded in the elemental landscapes and indigenous cultures of the North. Each winter— which, he says, “is the season when I burrow most deeply into my music”—he keeps a daily journal as he tries to understand where the music is leading him. The winter of 1998–99 was a time of change, as he com- posed a major new piece entitled The Immeasurable Space of Tones. The present article comprises journal selections from that period and is excerpted from Winter Music: Selected Writings 1974–2000 - a book in progress that includes journals, essays, and other writings by John Luther Adams.
John Luther Adams inspires us not only to listen more attentively, but to be more aware of the world in which we live. This … book … should not only be on the shelves of everyone interested in the music of our time but also anyone interested in being alive. -
Frank J. Oteri
john luther adams
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