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John Luther Adams
Winter Music: Composing the North
Wesleyan University Press, 2004
Winter Music is a collection of essays, journals and other writings by John Luther Adams. The book includes a CD with three previously unrecorded works.
“Adams’ writing is clear and bright and lucid; it fascinates and illumines. This is the best music book I’ve read for a long time.” – Rupert Loydell, Tangents

“Like the composer’s best music, the statement continues to resonate long after the work itself is finished.” – Ken Smith, The Gramophone

“This book is a testament to the awesome spiritual and creative power of nature, and of how Adams has borne witness to this in his artistic life.” – Stephanie Moore, Musicworks

“Adams writes like a poet; his words evocating the same spare landscape that he captures in his music…”– Sequenza 21

“…its implications extend far beyond the institutionalized realm of avant-garde music…” – Daniel M. Grimley, Music and Letters

“… this intrepid composer’s deep knowledge of the North… and his unusual articulacy … make the fascinating Winter Music … well worth a tenderfoot’s explanation.” – Ann Stapleton, New Pages
Adams's swelling orchestral work may be the loveliest apocalypse in musical history. - Alex Ross, New Yorker
john luther adams
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