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Jan 17 2024
St John’s Church, Waterloo
London, United Kingdom
Cost: £12 - £15


John Luther Adamssongbirdsongs

Take a moment for some peaceful reflection on the world around us with the LPO.

For John Luther Adams, music is a lifelong search for home – an invitation to slow down, pay attention, and remember our place within the larger community of life on earth.

Living for [...]

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Vespers of the Blessed Earth
Jun 06 2024
Symphony Hall,
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Cost: £26-59


“Earth, nothing more. Earth, nothing less. And let that be enough for you…” For some composers, nature isn’t just an inspiration for music. Nature is music. Sibelius imagined his Second Symphony as a great river of melody. [...]

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Spirit of the Wild: A Vision of Nature
Sep 14 2024
Concert Hall, QPAC
Brisbane, Australia

Chief Conductor Umberto Clerici will be captain of this voyage to some of the wildest natural places. John Luther Adams’ visceral work Become Ocean does more than evoke the pull of the tides. It invites you to become one with the sea itself – to remember life’s humble beginnings on our water-based planet and ponder a future in which we return to its depths. Equally as evocative is Nigel Westlake’s Spirit of the Wild, brought to life by [...]

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John Luther Adams inspires us not only to listen more attentively, but to be more aware of the world in which we live. This … book … should not only be on the shelves of everyone interested in the music of our time but also anyone interested in being alive. -
Frank J. Oteri
john luther adams
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