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Become River | NY Premiere
May 26 2023
Merkin Concert Hall
New York, US
Cost: $25

The Chelsea Symphony, in collaboration with composer Shuying Li, presents Li’s World Map concertos, featuring members of the Four Corners Ensemble in all new orchestrations of the concertos for chamber orchestra. Originally written for and recorded by the Four Corners Ensemble, each concerto journeys to a different country or region around the world, highlighting the diverse backgrounds of each featured musician. The evening opens with a new work by Aaron Dai and closes with John Luther Adams’s Become River, bringing the theme of world exploration together through the bodies of water that connect us all. PROGRAM Aaron Dai New Work (World Premiere) Shuying Li The Dryad (Version Premiere) Shuying Li American Variations (Version Premiere) Shuying Li The Peace House (Version Premiere) Shuying Li Matilda’s Dream (Version Premiere) Shuying Li Canton Snowstorm (Version Premiere) John Luther Adams Become River (NY Premiere)


Merkin Concert Hall
129 W 67th St.
New York, 10023

Phone: (212) 501-3330

His music perfectly echoes the landscape he loves: impersonal, relentless, larger than human scale, yet gorgeous, a quiet chaos of colors, suffused with light. It’s not a climate everyone could live in. But for those who want to bathe their ears in an aural aurora borealis while staying warm inside, it’s a spiritual odyssey well worth taking. - Kyle Gann
john luther adams
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