John Luther Adams has signed a long-term agreement with Chester Music, part of The Music Sales Group of Companies, to represent his music. With sixty-four pieces currently in the catalogue, his output ranges across the full gamut — from orchestral, chamber, and choral works to electronic repertoire.

Both the life and work of John Luther Adams are deeply rooted in the natural world, often almost inextricably to the extent that to experience the music is to experience the setting in which it is heard. This applies to a strand of work in his output to which he feels particularly close — music to be performed outdoors. As an example, Inuksuit, his outdoor work for up to 99 percussionists, is regularly performed all over the world.

His music for the concert hall has also captured increasing attention, in particular the 2013 orchestral piece, Become Ocean, for which he was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Music, and a 2015 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Classical Composition.

His next major new work, Become Desert, is a forty-five minute piece for chorus and orchestra to be premiered in spring 2018. It is a co-commission of the Seattle Symphony, the New York Philharmonic, and the San Diego Symphony.

Columbia University honored Adams with the William Schuman Award, “to recognize the lifetime achievement of an American composer whose works have been widely performed and generally acknowledged to be of lasting significance.” A recipient of the Heinz Award for his contributions to raising environmental awareness, Adams has also been awarded the Nemmers Prize from Northwestern University, “for melding the physical and musical worlds into a unique artistic vision that transcends stylistic boundaries.” In addition, he was named Musical America Composer of the Year in 2015.

John Luther Adams comments:

My music comes from the earth. And I’m thrilled that this partnership with Chester Music will bring the music to more people all over this beautiful blue stone spinning in space.

James Rushton, Managing Director of Chester Music says:

It is a great privilege for Chester Music to have the opportunity to work with John Luther Adams. His music is very much the product of an original mind and of a passion for the natural world. John’s idiom is his and only his, and we welcome the chance to spread the word widely, as it so deserves to be.

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