“…radiantly beautiful music… Adams’ work here operates at one of the highest levels of concentration and sheer beauty to be found in new music, and anyone who cares about whether contemporary classical music has a future should listen to for Lou Harrison. ” – Dave Lewis, All Music Guide
“… a captivating musical experience … Adams’ command of harmony and his seemingly unerring sense of scale and musical respiration fully complement his keen ear for instrumental color. He is a composer in full control of what he wants to do. ” – Steve Hicken, Sequenza 21
” Adams constantly modifies the details, presenting his material on perpetually shifting perspectives… Once you get the feel of the music it doesn’t seem so much lengthy as it does timeless… its emotional honesty and attractiveness offer few serious barriers to enjoyment. I have no doubt that Harrison would have been pleased and touched by this tribute, and you will be too. ” – David Hurwitz, Classics Today